Your transition to Venezuela, without complications. Comprehensive support. We help you successfully adapt to your new home.


Comprehensive Relocation Services: Your Smooth Transition to a New Life in Venezuela

Our commitment is to provide you with a pleasant relocation experience, offering you a comprehensive package of services to facilitate your move and adaptation.

We offer:

  • Orientation: Personalized sessions to familiarize yourself with your new environment, including information on administrative procedures, transportation options, and cultural aspects.
  • Removals: We take care of moving your belongings from your current home to your new destination with the security and care you deserve.
  • Home Search: We take care of finding the ideal home according to your needs and budget, whether it's a rental or a property for purchase.
  • School Search: We help you locate the most appropriate educational institution for your children, considering factors such as curriculum, location, and qualifications that can be approved abroad.
  • Handyman: Access to qualified professionals for minor repairs, installations, and any maintenance tasks that arise in your new home.
  • Language Course: We promote their accelerated integration through Spanish courses adapted to their level and availability.
  • Storage: We provide secure and flexible storage solutions for your belongings during the transition period.
  • Pets: Advice and support in transportation procedures, documentation, and the search for veterinary services for your pets.
  • Insurance Policy Advice: We advise and manage the contracting of insurance policies to cover your needs.

We simplify your relocation, so you can focus your energy on starting to enjoy your new home!

Highly professional team trained in accordance with international standards.
We use imported packaging material, your goods will be kept in the best boxes in Venezuela.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the questions we are most often asked.

How is the cost of my shipment calculated?

Exporting from Venezuela, the shipping cost is calculated according to the volume of your goods, using the cubic meter as a reference.

Para brindarle una cotización precisa y transparente, le ofrecemos una consulta gratuita donde evaluaremos sus necesidades y mediremos el volumen de su carga.

De esta manera, podrá conocer el costo exacto de su envío antes de contratar nuestros servicios.

What is your packaging material?

Our packaging is of international quality, in Venezuela we use the best materials on the market to guarantee the safety of your goods.

Your goods will be packed with highest quality boxes, specifically designed to withstand international transport conditions.

How long will it take to move my things?

Once you have contracted our services, the estimated transit time is approximately 60 days for shipments to Spain and 45 days for shipments to the United States.

However, please note that unforeseen circumstances may cause delays beyond our control.

For other destinations, you can consult our team and we will let you know.

Can I export a vehicle from Venezuela?

Currently, The export of vehicles is restricted to diplomats.

Venezuelan Nationals have the possibility of importing vehicles, but are subject to the payment of an import tax established by the SENIAT, the amount of which is calculated based on the value of the vehicle, also determined by that entity.

However, there is an exemption from this tax for those vehicles whose age does not exceed four years compared to the current year.